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ISTAT Award Recipients

The ISTAT Award is a distinguished honor in the aviation industry. The award was created in 2001 by the association to recognize individuals who have made lasting contributions to the industry over a significant period of time. The award is bestowed annually at the ISTAT Americas Annual Conference.


2001 George Batchelor 2009 Robert Crandall
2002 Steven Udvar-Hazy 2010 Gil Speed
2003 Glen Allred 2011 David Neeleman
2004 Herbert D. Kelleher 2012 Henry Hubschman
2005 Fred W. Smith 2013 Gordon Bethune
2006 Mauricio Botelho 2014 Pete Seidlitz
2007 Wolfgang Mayrhuber 2015 Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr.
2008 Joe Sutter 2016 John Leahy