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    Careers in Aviation

    Recent support from the ISTAT Foundation grants program, in partnership with EAA Young Eagles Program, was the creation and promotion of a series of “Careers in Aviation” videos. These videos promote participation in aviation, and showcase the variety of careers that are available to those who have a passion for aviation.

    Each video focuses on a specific aviation career and highlights a personal story in that field. Careers featured include an aircraft mechanic, an airline dispatcher, an airline operations manager, an aircraft manufacturing specialist, an air safety specialist and many more. In total, ISTAT has partnered on 12 of these videos. View a selection of them below.

    ISTAT members are encouraged to showcase these videos when speaking to schools, local organizations and other educational groups.

    Sean D. TuckerCareers in Aviation - Sean D. Tucker

    Length: 0:54


    Airshow Performer, Aerobatic Champion and EAA Young Eagles Chairman

    Meet Sean D. Tucker an airshow performer, aerobatic champion and EAA Young Eagles chairman. He encourages people to pursue their dreams in aviation.


    accounting Careers in Aviation - Jet Blue Accounting, Jessica Singh

    Length: 2:41


    Accounting Department at JetBlue Airways

    Meet Jessica Singh in the accounting department at JetBlue Airways in New York, NY.


    accounting.jpgCareers in Aviation - 1st Officer JetBlue Airways

    Length: 3:34


    1st Officer JetBlue Airways

    Meet Shanti Merriman a 1st Officer at JetBlue Airways. He pilots the aircraft and ensures that customers have a safe and comfortable flight.


    Final Careers in Aviation.jpg Careers in Aviation - Karla Alvarez

    Length: 3:07


    Interior Aircraft Specifications Coordinator

    Meet Karla Alvarez an Interior Aircraft Specifications Coordinator for Dassalut Falcon Jet. She helps aircraft purchasers evaluate their options on aircraft interiors.


    Product Development Engineer.jpgCareers in Aviation - Product Development Engineer

    Length: 4:12


    Product Development Engineer

    Meet Kevin Charles a Product Development Engineer at Embraer. He turns sketches on paper into reality.


    Careers in Aviation_ReginaP.jpg Careers in Aviation - Customer Advocate

    Length: 3:35


    Customer Advocate

    Meet Regina Perich a Customer Advocate at Rolls-Royce. Regina interacts with customers of all types on a daily basis.


    Vibration Analysis Engineer.pngCareers in Aviation - Vibration Analysis Engineer

    Length: 3:44


    Vibration Analysis Engineer

    Meet Jena Marcum a Vibration Analysis Engineer at Rolls-Royce. Jena's interest in aviation began at age 8 and has been growing ever since.


    Aviation attorney.PNG Careers in Aviation - Aviation Attorney

    Length: 4:05


    Aviation Attorney

    Meet Kristen Chmielewski an attorney at Vedder Price. Kristen has the job of her dreams.


    administrative specialist.PNGCareers in Aviation - Admin Supervisor

    Length: 3:08


    Airline Administrative Supervisor 

    Meet Juan Ruano a JetBlue Airlines Administrative Supervisor at JFK in New York. Juan has quickly worked his way up from ground ops to management.


    air safety specialist.PNGCareers in Aviation - Air Safety Specialist

    Length: 4:40


    Airline Administrative Supervisor 

    Meet Juan Ruano a JetBlue Airlines Administrative Supervisor at JFK in New York. Juan has quickly worked his way up from ground ops to management.


    flight dispatch.PNG Careers in Aviation - Airline Dispatcher

    Length: 3:20


    Airline Dispatcher

    Francesca is a Dispatcher for JetBlue Airlines in New York City! Take a look at the different aspects of what she does every day!


    antonio.PNGCareers in Aviation - Airline Mechanic

    Length: 3:06


    Airline Mechanic

    Meet Antonio Scaglione, a JetBlue Airlines Maintenance specialist at JFK in New York.


    assembly tech.PNG Careers in Aviation - Aircraft Assembly Specialist

    Length: 4:00


    Aircraft Assembly Specialist

    Meet Sherri Genovese, an aircraft assembly specialist for Embraer Executive Aircraft in Melbourne, FL.

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