About Us

    What is ISTAT?

    For over 30 years, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) has been dedicated to fostering and promoting interest and educational opportunities in commercial aviation while providing a forum for those involved in the aviation and supporting industries. ISTAT currently represents more than 4,100 members worldwide who are involved in operating, manufacturing, maintaining, selling, purchasing, financing, leasing, appraising, insuring or other activities related to the commercial aviation sector. Today, ISTAT is the premier industry association providing forums for increased networking and educational opportunities within the aviation community.

    ISTAT provides these forums for our members through domestic and international conferences, airshow receptions and other educational activities. Members are updated on the latest industry and society developments through Jetrader -- ISTAT’s official quarterly publication offering unbiased industry news, interviews and commentaries from well-respected industry leaders. ISTAT also provides an Annual Membership Directory featuring member photos and key contact information and a monthly eNewsletter, ISTAT UPdate, allowing members to stay informed on-the-go.

    The ISTAT International Appraiser Program has established rigorous testing and qualification standards for members engaged in appraising aircraft and supporting equipment. ISTAT members who have satisfactorily completed certification testing are granted the right to use the ISTAT Certified Appraiser designation.

    The ISTAT Foundation was founded in 1994 to create interest and opportunities in the global aviation community by providing grants, scholarships and internships to students and organizations worldwide. In addition, ISTAT founded AirLink, a program designed to assist non-profit organizations and use the aviation industry’s excess capacity to aid humanitarian causes around the world.

    The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) was founded in 1983 to:

    • Foster and promote interest in the principles and development of aeronautics;
    • Promote and provide a forum for improved communication among those involved in aviation and supporting industries who operate, manufacture, maintain, sell, purchase, finance, lease, appraise, insure or otherwise engage in activities related to transport category aircraft;
    • Arrange for lectures and demonstrations;
    • Encourage and arrange for national and international conventions and exhibitions;
    • Provide news and information of general interest to the commercial aviation trading industry, with members being given the opportunity to describe their activities of such general interest to other members;
    • Develop standards governing certain practices and procedures in the aircraft trading industry and to encourage the use of those standards.

    What Does ISTAT Do?

    • Establishes and promotes standards for many aspects of the purchase or sale of commercial transport aircraft, including appraisals and a code of ethics.
    • Serves as the official voice for the entire commercial transport aircraft secondary marketplace.
    • Certifies professional appraisers and offers an on-going educational program.
    • Acts as a centralized coordinator of information and data helpful to its members.
    • Acts as a driving force in promoting the image of its members to people outside commercial transport aircraft secondary markets.
    • Affords its members professional status for employing the highest ethical practices in business.

    International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

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    Tel: +1.312.321.5169 Email: istat@istat.org