ISTAT Appraisers

    International Appraisers' Program Board of Governors

    The ISTAT International Appraisers’ Program Board of Governors (IBG) has the responsibility to administer, oversee, modify standards and procedures of appraisal practice and the Code of Ethics, and govern the ISTAT Appraisal Program. It also has the responsibility of hearing, reviewing and ruling upon any disciplinary action which may have to be taken should a certified ISTAT appraiser be brought before the board for allegedly violating the rules, Code of Ethics or established appraisal practice standards and procedures.

    The ISTAT Appraisers’ IBG shall be comprised of three certified ISTAT Senior or Fellow Appraisers (including the chairman) plus five additional members of ISTAT representing other interests such as leasing companies, banks, airlines, manufacturers, aircraft repair agencies, and aircraft brokers.

    The Chairman must hold current ISTAT Senior Appraiser or Fellow status and have a minimum of ten years’ professional experience in the commercial aviation industry.

    For more information on the appraiser program and the Board of Governors, please see the Appraisal Handbook.

    philip_seymour.jpg Philip Seymour
    Chairman, International
    Appraisers' Program
    Board of Governors - until March 2018

    Chief Executive Officer
    IBA Group, Ltd.
    IBA House
    7 The Crescent
    Leatherhead, UK KT22 8DY
    Tel: +
    Fax: +
    Monteleone, Bryson (2).jpg Bryson Monteleone - until March 2018
    IBG Chairman Elect 
    Marketing Director
    Tailwind Capital Partners, Inc.
    2203 Harithy Drive
    Dunn Loring, VA 22027
    Tel: +1.703.608.8058
    no_photo.gif Jeff Straebler - until March 2018
    Managing Director 
    John Hancock Financial Services
    197 Clarendon Street
    Boston, MA 02166
    Tel: +1.617.572.8603
    No_Image Jeff Lewis- until March 2018*
    Vice President - Aviation
    Fortress Investment Group
    2855 Le Jeune Road
    4th Floor
    Miami, FL 33134
    Tel: +1.305.833.0309
    Andy Carlisle - until March 2019
    Chief Operations Officer
    The Harcourt Building
    Harcourt Street
    Dublin 2, Ireland
    Tel: +353.86.6033.707
    Price,Ken.jpg Ken Price - until March 2019*
    Director - Aircraft Valuation
    Boeing Capital Corporation
    500 Naches Ave SW
    3rd Floor
    Renton, WA 98033
    Tel: +1.206.407.4948
    Rikard de Jounge Rikard de Jounge - until March 2018
    Vice President - Asset Valuation
    14520 Avion Parkway
    Suite 300
    Chantilly, VA 20151-1114
    Tel: +1.703.480.0568
    Mobile: +1.571.230.9811
    Fax: +1.703.860.5855
    no_photo.gif Mark Streeter, until 2019*
    Managing Director
    JP Morgan Securities, Inc.
    383 Madison Avenue
    3rd Floor, NY1-M209
    New York, NY 10179
    Tel: +1.212.834.5086
    Mobile: +1.203.981.9535
    Fax: +1.212.834.6601
    Snyder,Betsy.jpg Betsy Snyder- until March 2019*
    Standard & Poor's
    55 Water Street
    39th Floor
    New York, NY 10041-0004
    Tel: +1.212.438.7811
    Fax: +1.212.438.7820


    * Non-appraiser board member

    International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

    330 N. Wabash, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60611 USA

    Tel: +1.312.321.5169 Email: