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ISTAT is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best-value educational opportunities in commercial aviation. See what our ongoing educational offerings can do for you and your career.

ISTAT Professional Development Program

ISTAT's Professional Development Program (PDP), in association with PwC, takes a deep dive into the airline industry, the design, manufacturing, maintenance and valuation of commercial aircraft, and the trading and financing of them. The program is designed for ISTAT members with 1-5 years of experience in the industry and takes place over four in-person modules.

Learn more about ISTAT PDP and how to enroll here.

ISTAT Appraisers Program

The ISTAT Appraisers Program (IAP) provides the foundation for professional aircraft appraisers to work cooperatively for the elevation of the appraisal profession within the global aviation community. ISTAT members, who have satisfactorily demonstrated that s/he is qualified to appraise transport aircraft, may be granted the right to use one of the professional designations established by ISTAT. In order to be considered to join the IAP as an Appraiser Candidate, one must must meet certain education/work requirements, complete the online tutorial and secure sponsorship of a current ISTAT Senior Certified Appraiser or ISTAT Certified Appraiser.

Learn more about the ISTAT Appraisers Program and how to become an ISTAT Certified Appraiser.

ISTAT Online

ISTAT Online facilitates conversation and learning among the membership through a variety of digital experiences created for the members by the members. With the intent to connect and educate the ISTAT community in insightful, entertaining and enduring ways, ISTAT Online features a variety of programs.

Learn more about each digital offering and what programs are available here.

ISTAT University 1.0 and 2.0

Are you interested in starting a career in the aviation finance and trading industry? Learn more about the ISTAT Foundation's educational offerings for students and individuals with no prior experience in the industry with ISTAT University