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30 April Learning Lab

Air Cargo Resurgence 2024: Assessing the Trends and Sustainability of the Industry's Growth
Featuring Tom Crabtree of Trade and Transport Group
10:00 New York | 15:00 Dublin | 22:00 Singapore

In this ISTAT Learning Lab, Tom Crabtree of Trade and Transport Group will brief us on some of the salient developments in the air cargo industry. Tom also will share an update on (currently strengthening) world air cargo traffic, capacity and pricing trends. What does the near-term future of global air cargo traffic portend? What regions and carriers are participating in the current air cargo rebound (and which ones are not)? What are current pricing trends in air cargo relative to containership freight, and what factors are shaping those trends? How is the freighter aircraft fleet evolving, and how might it evolve over the next five years? Join us to gain key insights as Tom helps navigate the evolving landscape of the air cargo industry.



Access On-Demand Recordings