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ISTAT Appraisers Program Overview

Within ISTAT is a core group of professional aircraft appraisers who work cooperatively for the elevation of the appraisal profession within the global aviation community.

Each ISTAT member, who has satisfactorily demonstrated that they are qualified to appraise transport aircraft, has been granted the right to use one of the professional designations established by ISTAT. A description of these qualifications and a listing of ISTAT Certified Appraisers may be found here. The ISTAT Appraisers Program (IAP) is overseen by the IAP Board of Governors (IBG). More information on the IBG may be found here.

IAP Governing Document

Ethical practices and conduct required of ISTAT Certified Appraisers of all grades are defined in the ISTAT Appraisers Program (IAP) Handbook including Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics Revision #10 Effective 2023.02.01 (the Handbook). The Handbook also contains the IAP's bylaws and definitions.


This Handbook has an effective date of 1 February 2023. This Handbook supersedes the ISTAT Appraisers Program Principles of Appraisal Practice & Code of Ethics - Revision #14 Effective: 2020.03.01 and the ISTAT Appraisers Program Handbook - Revision #9 Effective: 2020.03.01.

For circumstances where definitions and terms in effect prior to 31 January 2022, inclusive, are required, please contact ISTAT at for a copy of the superseded IAP Principles of Appraisal Practice & Code of Ethics and/or the ISTAT Appraisers Program Handbook.

Becoming an ISTAT Certified Appraiser

If you are interested in becoming an ISTAT Certified Appraiser, click here.

Advancement to Senior Appraiser

For ISTAT Certified Appraisers seeking advancement to Senior Appraiser, click here.