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Become an ISTAT Certified Appraiser

Joining the ISTAT Appraisers Program

In order to be considered to join the ISTAT Appraisers Program (IAP) as an Appraiser Candidate, one must be an ISTAT member, have a minimum of two years of full-time professional aviation-related experience and have earned a minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree or a three-year bachelor’s degree with at least one year’s worth of credits towards a master’s degree. (Each year of education may be substituted with two years of work experience). Prior to submitting an application (found here), ISTAT members should contact the IAP Executive Director for ISTAT Appraising – An Introduction. As part of the application process, one most secure sponsorship of an ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser or an ISTAT Certified Appraiser who has been certified for a minimum of five years.

Should you have any questions regarding the IAP please contact Jeff Straebler, Executive Director, ISTAT Appraisers Program at or

Becoming an ISTAT Certified Appraiser

Once accepted into the IAP as an Appraiser Candidate, in order to sit for the four certification exams (Appraisal, Ethics & Methodology, Finance and Technical) one must meet the following requirements and submit an application (found here):

  • Minimum of two years full time equivalent appraising experience (may be spread over up to no more than five years)
  • Minimum of five years of full-time professional experience in aviation-related activities
  • While a Candidate, attend a continuing education session (currently held in conjunction with ISTAT Americas and ISTAT EMEA)
  • Completion of IAP E-Learnings Module 1 (Your Role as an ISTAT Certified Appraiser) and Module 2 (Preparing for Examinations) at least 90 days prior to the exam date, submit an application for advancement and exam registration (and associated fees) which is to include two samples of Full Appraisal reports, including reports for aircraft physical inspection (with photos) and maintenance documentation inspection conducted by the Candidate (subject to evaluation and review)

Advancement to Senior Appraiser

In order to sit for the exam to become an ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser, at the time of the exam, an ISTAT Certified Appraiser must have held such status for at least twenty-three months and have a minimum of seven years full-time professional aviation-related experience, of which no less than six years shall have been spent conducting aircraft appraisals. The application may be found here.