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Member Benefits

ISTAT is committed to providing its members with the highest quality and best-value networking and education opportunities in commercial aviation. To that end, members benefit from an array of offerings.

Connecting the Industry

Through in-person events, ISTAT offers members the opportunity to do business at relevant locations around the globe. Conferences are held throughout the year and are open to all industry professionals. As a value-add to members, ISTAT hosts a variety of complementary receptions at unique venues around the globe:

ISTAT Events – Complimentary for Members

  • ISTAT in Dublin
    • Dublin Hub
    • NFL Playoff Party
  • ISTAT Chinese New Year Reception
  • Airshow Reception
    • Airshow Hub
  • ISTAT Sustainability Symposium
  • ISTAT Holiday Receptions

ISTAT Conferences –Discounted Registration

  • ISTAT Americas
  • ISTAT Asia
  • ISTAT Latin America Forum

ISTAT Events

Industry Insights

ISTAT shares industry insights and features members in a variety of ways.

  • Jetrader Magazine – A quarterly printed magazine that reports on issues of importance to members including news about the membership, industry and ISTAT conferences.
  • ISTAT Online – This program offers virtual experiences for the ISTAT community and features a variety of industry icons sharing knowledge in an online format.
  • Membership Directory – The membership directory is an up-to-date listing of ISTAT members and is available online as well as via the ISTAT Community app.
  • Conference Proceedings — Presented at ISTAT conferences and posted on the ISTAT website for viewing. Includes transcripts of speeches, handout materials and other information of interest to the membership. Materials may be found within each ISTAT events section of the website. 

Professional Development

ISTAT provides professional development opportunities for members at various stages of their careers.

  • ISTAT Rising Executives Program — Through networking events, educational offerings, content sharing and more, ISTAT members and professionals with less than ten years in the commercial aviation industry are provided the necessary resources they need to succeed in their roles and become future leaders in the industry. 
  • ISTAT Professional Development Program (PDP) — ISTAT PDP, in association with PwC, takes a deep dive into the airline industry, the design, manufacturing, maintenance and valuation of commercial aircraft, and the trading and financing of them. 
  • ISTAT Appraisers Program — Members with a minimum of two years of full-time professional aviation-related experience and a four-year bachelor's degree or a three-year bachelor's degree with at least one year's worth of credits towards a master's degree are invited to sit for the four certification exames to become an ISTAT Certified Appraiser. 

Members Between Jobs 

ISTAT provides complimentary membership and admission to events for members who may be in temporary need, or are between jobs and meet certain guidelines. If you are in need and believe that you may be eligible for this program, please complete the application form below. Individuals who have been an ISTAT member for the past five years are eligible to apply for this benefit once every five years. Benefits include:

  • Membership: Members between jobs receive complimentary membership for 12 months, from the date of application approval.
    • Requirements: Member of ISTAT for the past five years
  • ISTAT Conferences & Forums: Members receive complimentary registration to one (1) conference (ISTAT Americas, Asia, EMEA, Latin America Forum and Freighter Forum) while unemployed and enrolled as a member between jobs.
    • Requirements: Member of ISTAT for the past five years, and attendance at three (3) or more ISTAT conferences/forums (ISTAT Americas, EMEA, Asia, Latin America Forum or Freighter Forum) in the past five years.*
  • Members-Only Events: Members continue to receive complimentary registration to additional ISTAT events, such as airshows and receptions.*
    • Requirements: Member of ISTAT for the past five years

*Please note that complimentary event registrations must be requested separately at the time the event registration is available to members.


Career Center

The ISTAT Career Center is a robust resource that individual members as well as HR professionals within ISTAT member companies can use to seek qualified candidates to fill open positions within the commercial aviation industry. Employers can access the ISTAT Career Center to learn more about how to post a career opportunity. The ISTAT Career Center also offers internship opportunities, connecting ISTAT members to relevant talent in one convenient location.

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Industry Giving

ISTAT historically provides the ISTAT Foundation with an annual grant on behalf of its members to continue its mission of supporting individuals and institutions that promote the commercial aviation industry and humanitarianism. Most recently, the Foundation has supported important efforts related to COVID and Ukraine Relief.

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