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ISTAT PDP Dublin 2020

Candidate Application/Selection

25 candidates will be selected for the Dublin course. The ISTAT PDP Steering Committee will admit participants based on strength of application and to assure diversity of professional background, company, nationality, and other factors. The decisions of the Selection Committee will be at their sole discretion. 

Criteria for application includes:

  • This program is designed for individuals with 1-5 years of professional experience with an airline, lessor, bank, OEM, MRO, consultancy, trader, lawyer, or appraiser.
  • Applicants must be either 1) an individual ISTAT member 2) employed by an ISTAT corporate member company or 3) recommended by an ISTAT member/company.
  • It is recommended that candidates have an ISTAT member mentor.


Submit Your Application


Anticipated application schedule:

  • 14 October: Applications Open.
  • 15 November: Applications Close.
  • 15 November - 12 December: Applications reviewed.
  • Week of 16 December: All candidates notified of the selection outcome.

Applicants that are not admitted to this course are encouraged to apply again for future courses.


  • Member: $3,500
  • Airline Member: $1,750

Please note that pricing includes ISTAT EMEA registration in Istanbul 4-6 October 2020, but DOES NOT include travel, accommodations and other expenses.