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Featuring Pete Seidlitz, President, Bristol Associates and Gerry Laderman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, United Airlines

Pete and Gerry have been shaping aircraft trading, finance, and investment for over three decades. Both have navigated our industry’s toughest downturns and every time came out on the other end in a stronger position and with better stories. In fact, Pete has built Bristol Associates with emphasis on the toughest markets, difficult aircraft and of course the more challenging customers. Why do easy deals when there are hard ones, seems to be Bristol’s motto. Gerry, on the other hand, does not necessarily seek out difficulties, but he does seem to solve many of them. Facing now the greatest financial crisis in aviation history, Gerry is using the knowledge he has built through prior restructurings and financial rebuilding efforts to help steer United Airlines through these challenging times. Watch a conversation with these two colorful industry wizards as they reflect on their past adventures, current challenges and how they see our future.